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There are lots of things about this business that have changed in the past few years – and there are lots of ideas we’d like to share with you. Here are some of those changes and some of those ideas…

QR CODES: What are they?

QR CODE imageQR Codes are the commercial name for a type of 2D (dimensional) bar code – as opposed to 1 dimensional barcodes which have lines running in vertical strips running in a horizontal format from left to right like the barcodes that are on virtually all products you purchase. QR Codes are used with websites to provide quick and easy integration from an advertisement or product to a mobile application.

In our advertising and signs we will include a QR Code which when scanned with a Smartphone will lead you to a website providing property information and the ability to instantly connect with the listing agent.

The QR Code is a great advantage to our Sellers in providing even more exposure to the market and an opportunity for Buyers to gain instant information about a property.

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One of the questions we are asked most frequently is
“What do I need to do to get this house ready to sell?”
Obviously the answer is specific to each property – but here’s
a general list of things you might want to think about when you’re
getting ready to sell.

  • FRONT OF HOUSE – Paint, fix, or wash railings, steps, storms, screens, and front door.
  • OTHER EXTERIOR – Paint, fix, or wash doors, windows, and trim.
  • LAWNS & YARDS – Remove clutter, cut grass, edge walks, trim hedges, weed gardens.
  • GARAGE – Straighten up; paint, fix, or wash doors and windows.
  • PLUMBING – Repair dripping faucets, leaky toilets.
  • HEATING & COOLING – Clean exterior of unit and make sure it operates quietly.
  • PROMOTE A FEELING OF SPACIOUSNESS – Store unneeded items and furniture to make your rooms feel and appear larger.
  • LIGHTS – Replace all burned-out bulbs and faulty switches.
  • HALL & STAIRS – Remove clutter to enhance the perception of space.
  • HARDWARE – Oil hinges, tighten door knobs, fix faucets.
  • HOME INSPECTION – A professional home inspector can provide you with an unbiased report of the condition of your home, and how it will affect the sale.
  • KITCHEN – Stove, refrigerator, sink should be spotless and all work spaces should be clear.
  • BATHROOMS – Neat, spotless and fresh; repair missing grout around tub.
  • CLOSETS – Untidy or overcrowded closets suggest inadequate storage space.



If you're thinking of selling your property in the County, let us provide you - by e-mail! - a FREE analysis of your property's value by sending you an overview of similar properties which have sold recently. We'd love to help! Contact Us


In the past twenty-seven years, I have handled many referrals for agents in other cities. If you have clients who are County-bound, please let us handle them with outstanding market knowledge and professionalism. We're big County boosters!

Knob and Tube Wiring &
Home Owner’s Insurance
In recent months, a number of our clients have discovered that they can’t obtain insurance for the house they are about to buy, because it has knob and tube wiring. No insurance = no mortgage. No mortgage = no real estate transaction. Needless to say, we have had a number of concerned home buyers and REALTORS® calling us to find out why we said the house was OK and yet the insurance company says it’s not.

A significant number of insurance companies now consider knob and tube wiring unsafe or a significantly higher risk. We disagree.


Five Steps to your dream homeA guide for first-time buyers! - and for anyone else!
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Here's a great new system! If you're looking for a house, I can enter your e-mail address on a program called 'Prospect Matches'. It will automatically and daily send you all of the new listings which meet your parameters of space, location and price. You'll never miss a new listing! Beat other purchasers to the hottest new listings with these FREE updates!