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STEP 1   Getting started...
STEP 2   The hunt…
STEP 3   Making an offer…
STEP 4 Between purchase & closing…
STEP 5   A "moving" experience…


A typical closing occurs two or three months after an offer is accepted - although under certain circumstances it can happen much sooner or much later. Although the "hunt" is over, this will still be a busy time.

You will be dealing with:

(a) your lawyer who will be engaged in searching the title of your house
(b) your mortgage provider who will be drawing up the necessary documents as the funds are organized, and
(c) your move. This will involve finding a mover, organizing utility accounts for your new house and changing your address with the post office.
(d) School registration

Also in this period, you will be able to visit the house you have bought a couple of times to get quotes or to take measurements.

On the closing date or immediately before, you will meet with your lawyer to sign all the necessary documents and to exchange funds.

Once title has been transferred into your name, your lawyer will hand you the keys to your new house!

Then finally, Step Five...


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